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How to Leverage Instagram for Business?

26 May 2021 Digital Marketing

How to Leverage Instagram for Business?

Nowadays,Instagram using not only for picture sharing or Videos sharing platform but Business can also be used for lead generation with pictures and videos


With Instagram, your business can post pictures and video clips for your customer base to explore their customer experience. Instagram also linked to your business’s Twitter and Facebook pages, creating a strong social media bond and a culture of your business or brand, the inexpensive market of your small business.


There is some leverage Instagram for Business.

1) Create Business Account & Attract Followers

For Instagram to be an efficient marketing technique for your small business, you would like to possess an honest number of followers who are being exposed to the content you're sharing.

To get more followers, confirm you've got top quality, engaging content within the sort of videos and pictures. this might mean showcasing your products daily or having customers use your products.


2) # Hashtags:

Use hashtags that need to do together with your industry, and make your hashtags to form your business more searchable on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. you'll add a hashtag to any word or phrase, so be creative because it allows your followers to interact with you by posting their hashtags on your images.


3) Create Campaigns:

Running campaigns are the best ways to gain exposure on Instagram.

To run a campaign on Instagram, clearly specify the goals. Are you trying to realize more followers? If so, choose a picture or video to post, add a hashtag, and call all of your followers to action.

Contests can get more followers a shoutout on the company’s profile, a product prize from the corporate, or their image in an ad campaign. Promote contests on other social media platforms to increase interest and possibly drive more followers.


4) Location:

Instagram allows you to tag your image or video at a specific location. The location feature allows posts

Creating a location tag for your business lets your followers tag once they are in your store and share that information with their followers. Adding the situation of your small business increases the likelihood that your profile and pictures are going to be seen.

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